Founded in 1998, HSW Technologies is distinguished by the following:

Efficient, accurate solutions.  Multi-dimensional modeling and simulation enables our elite team of physicists and engineers to develop cost-effective solutions at the fast pace of modern commerce.  Our high performance parallel computing solutions use advanced numerical methods, algorithms, and parallel code optimization.  Independent analysis has validated the accuracy of our solutions.  Few competitors offer such multi-faceted experience, and none can match our minimal overhead.

Respected stature. HSW Technologies provides sophisticated advice to respected government entities, including the National Nuclear Security Administration, the US Department of Homeland Security, Progress Energy, the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Our client base includes industry leaders affiliated with the government, nuclear, medical, energy and utilities sectors.

Business acumen. We are consistently rated highly by our clients as engineers who understand and respond to business needs; an invaluable asset to companies which operate at a dynamic pace.  We are attune to the timelines, pricing and quality demands of competitive businesses.

Unparalleled experience. Our esteemed engineers bring to the table decades of experience centered around 3-D modeling, simulation of radiation transport and detection problems. We can apply both 3-D deterministic and Monte Carlo methods to accurately predict and optimize the performance of radiation devices prior to their construction, thus providing performance enhancements and solving design problems in nuclear detection, detector optimization, and non-proliferation applications.