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Energy and Utilities

For the nuclear power industry, HSW Technologies can provide unique assessment of any scenario dealing with radiation or related engineering issues; using 3-D state of the art computational tools and methods, we can predict the outcome of your scenario before you build it, modify it, or engage it in any unique application.

In the application of gamma radiation detectors, our ASEDRA software can be integrated to work with existing scintillator detectors to identify photopeak signatures for any application, enhancing them by up to a factor of five; this is important when you need to minimize your uncertainties and obtain the best possible data from your gamma detection and monitoring equipment. 

For the oil and gas industry, where use of inorganic scintillators at elevated temperatures in borehole logging is a necessity, gamma detector system choices are limited since they must be robust enough to survive the challenging well logging tool environment.  With our ASEDRA post processing software, which will post process a spectrum in real time to both denoise the spectrum (for optimum performance and sensitivity in low count situations) and then deconvolute the spectrum, enhancing it by as much as a factor of five for more comprehensive nuclide identification.  This could lead directly to doubling the information from borehole logging in a single pass, while also significantly enhancing accuracy, enabling better well profiling assessments. 

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