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Homeland Security, Non-proliferation,
and Treaty Verification

For homeland security, non-proliferation, and compliance problems, HSW Technologies can predict and optimize the absolute spectral and targeted response of systems for most any source-detection scenario (aged SNM, rogue sources, sampler assessments, etc).  Using 3-D state of the art computational tools and methods, we can profile the sensitive regions of a detector assembly, and predict system responses and background interference using our advanced codes and computational methods.  For gamma radiation detection, our ASEDRA software can be integrated with existing or novel scintillator detectors to leverage deconvolution enhancement through post-processing to identify the characteristic spectral signatures for various nuclides.  Through software based rapid spectral post processing, spectral deconvolution can be improved by up to a factor of five; this is important when you need to minimize your uncertainties, even in low count scenarios, to obtain the best possible data from your gamma detection and monitoring equipment. Contact us to look at how we can make this a reality for you.