Executive Management

HSW Technologies LLC (HSW Tech) is composed of a small team of specially trained PhDs with each team member has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of nuclear science, research, and engineering. HSW Tech is a US small business (50% veteran owned) located in Gainesville, Florida.

Portrait of Haghighat


Alireza Haghighat, Ph.D.

Dr. Alireza Haghighat has been involved in development and modification of large computer codes for nuclear reactor simulations for the past 19 years. In particular, he has been involved in development of accurate and efficient particle transport theory methods and their application to different complex nuclear systems. In the area of statistical Monte Method, he and his group, Penn State Transport Theory Group (PSTTG) and more recently University of Florida Transport Theory Group (UFTTG), have developed an automated variance reduction methodology (A3MCNP™ – Automated Adjoint Accelerated MCNP) for shielding applications by the use of deterministic importance function. In the area of deterministic methods, Dr. Haghighat and his students at the University of Florida have developed several vector and parallel algorithms for the discrete ordinates (Sn) solution method. These investigations have led to the development of an advanced 3-D parallel Sn code system, PENTRAN™(Parallel Environment Neutral-particle TRANsport), for distributed-memory and distributed computing environments

Dr. Haghighat received a B.S. in physics with an M.S. and Ph.D. in nuclear engineering. He is a Fellow in the American Nuclear Society, Professor and Chair of the NRE Department at the University of Florida, Director of University of Florida Transport Theory Group (UFTTG) and Interim Director of Florida Institute of Nuclear Detection and Security (FINDS).  Dr. Haghighat has published over 180 papers in journals and conference proceedings.