Recent advances in the use of ASEDRA in post processing scintillator spectra for resolution enhancement—ASEDRA Applications to HEU Detection in Cargo
Authors: Glenn Sjoden, James Maniscalco, and Mac Chapman

Why nuclear power is a necessity--Special to CNN, Mar 2011—Response to Fukushima
Author: Glenn Sjoden

Extraordinary improvement in scintillation detectors via post-processing with ASEDRA—solution to a 50-year-old problem
Authors: E. LaVigne, Glenn Sjoden, James Baciak, and R. Detwiler

PENTRAN Code System: Users Guide to Version 9.4X.5 Series
Authors:  Glenn Sjoden and Alireza Haghighat

Improved Plutonium Identification and Characterization Results with a NaI(Tl) Detector using ASEDRA
Authors: R. Detwiler, Glenn Sjoden, James Baciak, and E. LaVigne

For Purchase: An equivalent n-source for WGPu derived from a spectrum-shifted PuBe source (Proceedings Paper)
Authors: Gabriel Ghita, Glenn Sjoden, James Baciak, Scotty Walker and Spring Cornelison

For Purchase: A Methodology for Experimental and 3-D Computational Radiation Transport Assessments of Pu-Be Neutron Sources
Authors: Gabriel Ghita, Glenn Sjoden, James Baciak